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Pat Bitzer Client

Have you ever have a few problem you can’t seem to fix? You ask questions and pray for an answer quickly ’cause you want to get on to the next task on your list. Well, today there was no waiting around. The “Teddy Bear” aka Chris Scott , was right there with all the answers I needed and then some. Not only did he respond within a minute, but took the time to look and see what was going on and walk me through some Website issues that were in desperate shape.

Chris showed me how to clear my cache. Because of all the help , my Page Speed went from 8.2 to 1.4 seconds, Cache Score went from a 19 to 96, and my Render Blocking Java Script above the Fold is now 100% corrected. What could be better than the right person lending a helping hand at the time it was most needed. We will find the greatest support team with Teddy Bear and Baby Doll.

The best combination of training, support and daily encouragement is just a click away. Don’t keep struggling forever once you’ve tried and tried, reach out.