Online Courses

Our online courses are developed specifically to give you a fun and eye-opening learning experience on everything you will need to know about building a solid online business for yourself. Learning about web development and how to become a successful online entrepreneur doesn’t have to be tedious. With the help of the Teddy Bear, you’ll have a productive and enjoyable time learning what it takes to make your website better by far.

A person can achieve their full potential when they’re under the proper care and guidance of a mentor. What are the five qualities to look for any mentor, whether it be in your online education, work, interests or life in general? We’ve got a handy list for you:.

A great mentor empowers people to make positive choices

We all face decisions in life. Some decisions are easy, while others may be more difficult and take careful consideration. A great mentor will empower you to consider outcomes, repercussions and effects, and train you how to properly weigh these factors in making decisions. In our online courses, you will be taught that the use of different themes, plugins, methods, analytics and other technical doohickeys will have some sort of effect on your website.

A great mentor will encourage you to take ownership in your learning

The best learning comes from hands-on experience and not just arm-chair listening and passivity. A mentor should both help you seek, and motivate you to undergo challenging tasks to push yourself beyond what you’ve previously thought you’re capable of, thus learning new skills. In Web Mastery 101 Academy, we as online mentors have a goal of seeing you reach the point where you can be your own best coach—online, at work, at home, or in life.

A great mentor teaches that competition is opportunity and not an enemy

It is normal for us as human beings to compare ourselves to others and think they’re better than us or better than them. A great mentor will teach you that competition is opportunity to grow, and does not have to lead to violence or loss of self-esteem. In Web Mastery 101 Academy, we teach you that online competition comes in the form of the race to the top of the search engine pages. We’ll teach you the strategies you’ll need to ultimately achieve greater success online.

A great mentor helps people develop core values.

Mentors should guide you to understand and develop key values. We value integrity, sportsmanship, respect, confidence, responsibility, perseverance, courtesy and right judgment while instilling skill to get the job done.

A mentor strengthens interpersonal efficacy and relationships.

Mentors encourage you to appreciate the diversity that is present in everyday life, to love and respect oneself, one’s partner, friends and even fellow competitors; in order for you to be able to work together to realize your dreams.