Massive Value Pt.3

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From The Teddy Bear w/Love.

With Part 3 of our series on Massive Value. We are going to talk a little about Integrity, Dedication, and leading by example. If there is anything that the ole Bear has ever seen while standing on the shoulders of giants that might help you in your own endeavors it is this; nothing worth having is ever truly achieved without hard work.

It cannot be stressed enough how very important it is that you carry yourself uprightly having both knowledge and inspiration in equal measures. You do not always have to be precise but you do need to be mentally prepared to experiment.

Welcome to WM101’s Massive Value Series

Relax and pull your coat off and sit a while with me. I like to think of both WM101 and WMA (Web Mastery Academy) as places that both allow and tool you to be creative while moving you to a place that you are passionate. We are all about seeking the facts then providing the insights.

I am so Happy to be Here…With You!! I do not see well and I have double vision so when I first started writing I had all kinds of obstacles to overcome. The positions God blessed me to hold in both the military and civilian life meant I always had people to do this computer poop for me. If I ever did do anything for myself in the way of writing it was only to put a Bama… Dixie accent with strewn thoughts into a readable font and storyline narrative that made sense.

I only wish I knew what I had before they were gone because the people who stood in my shadow left me in the dark, cold and alone when they left and I learned to appreciate them while working hard to never give up. Now when I meet a customer I draw on their Mental Sweat of days gone by which they instilled in me. They gave me a wellspring to draw upon and make my clients smile all the way to the bank. Now here I am because like them I want to contribute to the cause.

The WMA Community

As many of you are already aware I am creating along with one of the nicest guys in the world, RC Stude, an academy for mastery of the web. We call this place Web mastery Academy or WMA. At the WMA we will have a community that will teach you with great success not only to Blog and Create websites but to Create with Innovation, Dedication, and the Ability to Connect with others.

The sort of people you will find at WMA cannot be sorted at all. They come from every country and every walk of life. What fascinates me so much is how diversity can actually bring everything together. God has made us different in order to make us one.

I love taking the strewn nuggets of gold scattered throughout the community and weaving them into patterns of success like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle. I am a better bear because these various and wonderful tribes of men, women, boys, and girls fill in my missing pieces. Simply put, they complete me. I am in a league of The Extraordinary Peoples of WMA. I have even been visited by a dear friend from Austrailia who I met on a similar platform online.

Massive Value and How to Obtain it. That is the Question

So, the question is, How can we add more value to the services that we are to provide? This is something that should go through our minds on a daily and without ceasing basis when we are in front of the clients each and every time they log Online. Unbeknownst to us, we are completely alone with them. We may be asleep when they are on our websites but in the minds of our readers we are Front & Center….or at least we should be. Write in such a way to demand nothing less than undivided attention of our countless audiences of ONE.

In Part 1 of the Massive Value Chronicles, I shared my two top secrets for success, tonight I share Three More secrets that Corporate Giants use to add value in their own businesses and to the world around them. Any one of these ideas or concepts can be more than sufficient for you to become financially successful. However, when you begin to combine these ideas together the synergy of greatness is formed and excellence is born.

When you realize the potential you hold on a Tablet, DeskTop or Laptop you’ll begin to move ahead more rapidly in your financial life than you ever have before. Why?? You will begin to see “MASSIVE VALUE” …. Everywhere!!

Secret #1. The Faster The Better

The first way to increase value is simply to increase the speed in which you deliver the kind of value people are willing to pay for. We often times will type out an almost entire sentence to then realize we left a word out or misspelled something then we let our minds slip from greatness to correct the mistakes that prove we are each human.

DO NOT DO THAT!! Write as much as you can as fast as you can keep up with the creativity that floods through your soul and overflows its banks like a mighty river…correct it later, do not become distracted. Do not allow Perfectionism or Paralysis by Analysis hobble you and cause your family to have to live with less than the best the provider in you can provide.

Practice Makes Perf…..WRONG!!!! Perfection does not exist outside of Diety. Practice makes you better and better and better, but there will always be room for improvement.

Secret #2 Satisfy the Insatiable.

Successful people know everybody is impatient. A potential buyer who stumbles upon your website didn’t realize that they wanted your product or service until today, now wants it yesterday. People perceive a direct correlation between speed and the value of your offering. Have a gourmet meal prepared when they arrive and Nothing canned.

A person who can Turn Out the Work and do it for you fast is considered to be a better and more competent person offering a higher level of quality than a person who does it slowly, or whenever they get around to it.

To the right, you will notice that I have provided you with a round Tuit. Please move your cursor over the “Round Tuit” and right click and then left click on “Save Image As” and then name and save to your desktop so everytime you sign on you will have your round to it and now that you finally got around to it you can start to get things done.

Secret #3. Offer Better Quality

The second key I’m handing you tonight is going to be used in the process of creating wealth by offering a better higher quality than your competitors at the same price or less. Sometimes you will by necessity be more and that is fine. Why are you more? Never be stumped by that question.

Massive Value Should be your motto and remember, quality is whatever the customer says it is. Total quality management can best be defined as: “Finding out what your customer wants and giving it to him or her faster than your competitors and with a smile understanding that it is you who is the servant.”

Quality does not just mean greater durability or excellence in design alone, but first of all the customer needs to be able to put the product or service in use to better themselves and the ones they love. The products you seek to sell should be the products or services that are the customer’s specific need or the benefit that the customer seeks, that defines quality in his or her mind.

I want you to Win at what you do. Your Chatter Matters, please comment below.



-Teddy Bear

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Massive Value Pt.2

Please Do Not Miss Part 1. To Read it Please Click Here.

Wishing You Were Here With Me In Dixie. Everybody has the desire to do something. What they lack is the dedication and simple drive to do it. The message is quite simple, if you want something then just make that decision that “I am GOING to do this.” When you want to succeed like you want your next breath then you reach the top because you will press through your own crud and stinking thinking time after time and just like any other muscle memory, success will be LIKE breathing, you will find yourself doing it without even thinking about it.

Even when you feel like a zombie just going through the motions keep on going because it’s important to know that you are not going to want to keep it up, but don’t let up and for goodness sake don’t give up. If you can take it you can make it. Get that through your skull, way down deep in your mind. The most powerful tool that you have in your arsenal is not in your desk drawer or on your computer, it’s in your body. Your most powerful tool is your brain. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

#2 Thing you need to succeed is the proper Mindset.

The mind is a battlefield. That’s why the ancient infernal enemy of man doesn’t meet you in an alley or on the streets but in your mind. The devil doesn’t have to tie you up for you to be bound. He doesn’t tie up your hands!!! He ties up your head….w/Stress….w/Worry…w/Aggravation……w/Low Self-Esteem…w/Pettiness…..w/Anger…w/Hostility….w/Rebellion.

Now Hear this. Maybe your devil(s) didn’t “Make You Do It”, maybe they kept you From Doing it!! GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD!! Why? Pull a chair up close…I’m about to plow close to the corn. When you lose a parent that’s hard. However, losing a spouse is worse. I hear (God forbid) that losing a child is totally devastating….but when you lose yourself…. when your soul is gone, your mind, your will, and your emotions, then what would it prosper you had you gained the whole world?

Stop the Stinking Thinking

Spending too much time in Stinking Thinking not only makes you mentally sick, it can and will make you physically sick. People reading this are now (relative) in a thousand times and in a thousand places (relative), but whenever or wherever you are right now put your hands on your head and say, “I choose to have a new mind.” What do you mean, Teddy Bear? Having a new mind means having a new perspective, a new way of looking at my situation, a new way of looking at my circumstances because when I get my new mindset I’ll have a new Way of looking at this year. Let me tell you something that I personally have done from the first day I became a new daddy. That night when Cody was born I threw my shoes under the bed to far to reach. Why did I do that? The reason was that I knew that when I woke up the next morning that I was going to have to get on my knees to get them. The first thing I do to this day when I wake up in the morning is to get down on my knees and give thanks and start my day off right by entering His gates with thanksgiving.

This means there are going to be miracles, blessings, opportunities. and oh hell yes, there are going to be struggles and trials and disappointments and you are going to face discouragement, but with the proper mindset, even adversity leads to opportunities for those with FAITH!! I’m not going to preach but this does…..

There are 3 verses in the Christian Bible, a single passage I really want you to read. Why? Because although written a couple of thousand years ago, it is more up to date than tomorrow’s Newspaper. Hebrews 11:32-34 is not something that’s below the FOLD of your LIFE. I want to talk to you about Giants, not giants in physical size but that of stature. These are like the sands of the seashore in multitude and as the stars of the Heavens innumerable. Look how the author even starts the passage.

Then we see triumph after triumph after triumph. However, as you read on something will catche your eye about halfway down and deep within your heart a strange thing will move you. Over and over and over I had read “by faith…by faith….by faith…by faith”, so much good. Then halfway into the very next verse (35) something strange!! Something so strange does it belong?

There were others……

I have been numbered most my life among the others. You see faith is not just necessary to propel you, a thousand times NO (!!!)…faith is also necessary to maintain you. However, I do not excel because of my adversity, I excel IN SPITE of my adversity. I like to make everything appear simple in my video trainers, however, I am freaking out in my MIND and sometimes wonder if the tiny thing can handle the STRAIN!! If you can take it you can make it. I Must survive!! How? Unbowed, Un-Bent and Unbroken!!

“BEAR” In “MIND”………

You Need to Unpack!! We are just a few weeks from starting the new year 2018. There are certain things that you do not need to be bringing into the new year. There are things that you need to leave behind. Like what? I’m glad you asked. Leave behind those foolish discussions that accomplish nothing but only exist to gender strife. Leave behind everything that is backward, inflexible, negative, condescending, carnal, and everything that holds you back. Refuse to waste another day, let alone another year with an old mindset that causes you to be hell bent on your own destruction.

Don’t miss what I am about to say. This is KEY, this is the CRUX of the WHOLE matter. Don’t wrap and shape yourself by the comings and goings of those who starve. Don’t conform to failure. Yet do not alter or deny integrity to thrive. I would rather be the doorkeeper in a poor man’s tent than a liar. I cannot stand a thief or a liar, this is why I’m a webmaster instead of a politician.

You can sell like a wolf without joining the pack. Don’t shape your opinions and attitudes around circumstances that you cannot change. Seek truth above all else while walking upright in integrity. Don’t go into another month with that Stinking Thinking about how bad you have it without giving a thought that there are tons of people on their faces right now begging God for the opportunities you have right now and are about to waste. We bitch about a dollar when there are those without a dime……….and stop wanting to be liked so damn much!! Step up to meet the moment and then grab hold and do not let go. Carpe diem is a Latin aphorism, usually translated “seize the day

When Is My Time Coming, Teddy Bear?

Buddy, your time is coming as soon as you decide to stop looking for answers in tea leaves and fairy tales and down the Yellow Brick Road to the man behind the curtain. The man behind the curtain is a man like you. Stop looking at the stars and start looking within yourself and to the one who made those stars for your answers. Don’t click the heels of your shoes together but reign in the loins of your mind and click the heels of innovation, inspiration, dedication, determination, education. Why? Because these lead the way to GRADUATION!! Hooah!!

As soon as you get this mindset you can get your budget met! Do you want to be debt free? You could have been free YEARS ago. All the prisoners of war have not come home. You are dwelling in prisons of your own making. Set yourself free now, and come home.

You can get it out!! Get what out, Bear? You can get yourself out, You can get your family out, you can get your friends out. All you have to do is get the lead out!! If you can get your mindset and get your prosperity out (not monetarily only but in every way) all the devils of hell cannot win, no weapon formed against you will prosper. No chains can hold you, you wear no man’s chains.

Where you are right now…stand up…place a hand on each knee…… then jerk up real quick!!! That popping sound you just heard was you sphincter muscle slipping off from around your neck that was choking off the blood supply to your brain. Pop your head out. Tell your husband or wife or children that you are coming OUT!!! That you are coming out….


Let’s Grow Together. Do you have it? Have what? The mindset. If you do then go out there and make some damn money!

Massive Value

Massive Value, Success in business, integrity in businessHello there, It’s The Teddy Bear. It’s Such a Lovely Day in Dixie. Come Sit With Me a While. I want to talk about something called Massive Value, Success in Business, Integrity in Business

I want to talk to you today about Massive Value. This will be the first part of what I hope will be a blessing to you. Now, before we start…Disclaimer…I’m definitely not the Paragon of Excellence. I’m not the Bishop or Paragon of anything. Please think of it like this. I’m just one beggar trying to tell another where to go to find bread.

The Teddy Bear’s 2 Secrets of Success

Now I know that these two secrets to success that I am about to give you are going to go headlong against the norm of both America and also the mentality of the world at large, especially the Labor Locals. What is the first one? I’m Glad you asked.

#1 Always give more than you are paid for!!

Give Massive Value in everything you do. Do not relax, do not quit, do not say, “it is good enough.” The thing that is going to change your life and your income and change your business is this….WRITE it DOWN. You must change your standards.

Your life is much too big to allow you to think too small. Too damn many of us are not getting what we want, we are getting what we have to have. Sure I want to survive, but what I really want for you and me for the sake of my children and the Online men and women of tomorrow is not to only survive but to THRIVE!!

  • A Little Spanish

I’m going to teach you a little Spanish. !NO MAS! The old norm is not enough!! Make new choices and get new standards and develop new habits and realize your new goals and achieve them. Without a vision, people perish and the people who do not have goals get used by people who do have goals. If you do not want to get sheared then stop being a sheep!!

  • When do you relax? Simply put, you don’t.

Don’t do that!!! Never relax and for your own sake don’t quit. Sleep if you must, but never relax and don’t you quit!! Develop more than habits. Habits have limits. YOU>>>>develop rituals. Rituals are going to be the driving force that will push you beyond your limits.

Maybe it is someone else’s fault. Maybe it was for a time but it is on you now. “As a man believes in his heart so is it unto him.” Were you born a victim? I was. The baby of Eight with a daddy 43 years old when I was born who had 15 brothers and sisters that he raised because of a sorry no good for nothing daddy who stayed drunk and beat his family and my daddy being the oldest male was raped out of his youth in a time that education took back seat.

He then had eight….count them…EIGHT… children of his own and I was his baby. He was a tired broken down old man when I was new. He was educated alright, a second-grade education and a college doctorates degree from the School of Hard Knocks. He grew up during the Great Depression and his baby brother – 18 years his junior, who at the age of 4 had a two-day-old biscuit blown through his heart along with the baby’s thumb by the 12 gauge shotgun of daddy’s sharecropping neighbor who accused him of stealing.

I remember the rotting floors of a two-room shack that my mentally unstable mother swept for hours while literally crying out loud because she just could not seem to get them clean. I remember being the least of the eight with little to eat and nowhere to sleep and no one competent or caring enough to watch after me.

I thank God for these memories. Why? Blood simple, what does not kill you makes you stronger. In the era I was raised we were known as “purdee Ole White Trash good for nuttin but killen.” The one thing that the affluent white folk that surrounded us in the Alabama of the 1960’s and 70’s hated worse than a black man.

  • They Held Me Back.

They held me back!!!!!!…..till I was 12 and I found and fixed a broken down lawn mower at a trash depot on the outskirts of where I called home and the “haves” called the Bottom. I pushed that thing till I was 14 years old and had earned enough money to buy my own clothes and food and even gave daddy money and when I turned 16 I moved out on my own. I have never looked back and those folk who thought that they were something that they were not being vainly puffed up by reasons of fleshly minds are dead now while I live, yet not I but the Faith that Lives within me!! I WILL NOT settle for less than I deserve. I am IN FACT a Bear!! Massive Value, Success in business, integrity in business

Necessity is the Mother of Invention and inventions lead to other innovations and today I consider myself the most blessed person on the face of the Earth!!

I demand the best, of this world, of others, but especially of me. The Golden Rule demands it and I will NOT I will NOT I will NOT settle for less. I’ll Die First!! I hate Oppression.

Massive Value, Success in business, integrity in businessI am an American fighting man responsible for my actions and dedicated to the principals which made my country free. If Necessary, I am prepared to lay down my life in the defense of those principals which made my country free.

Mainly this, the fact that ALL men are created equal and endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights. These include but are not limited to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.

  • Some Men of Renown

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, and First Cheif Justice John Jay. Names synonymous with the spirit of America. These and other great men were the founding fathers of the USA. As a matter of fact, history records that Noel Webster, who wrote the first dictionary could literally quote the Bible chapter and verse. These men believed that you could not even call yourself an American if you subvert the Truth of the Word of God!

  • Some of the truths that I hold dear.

I believe that it is never right to do wrong and never wrong to do Right. I believe that the heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart. I believe a man can do more with a hand-up instead of a handout any day. I Believe that a man all wrapped up in himself makes a very small package. I believe that man often times does not behave right because he does not understand right. I believe that the past has a way of coming back around and blindsiding you and will put a boot in your ass at a very inopportune time.

Why does man not understand right? Because his rule of measurement is flawed. It’s easy for you to just stretch yourself alongside the ole Teddy Bear here and proclaim that you are as long as I am. One problem with that flawed thinking that proves to me that your mind, body, and soul lacks cohesion. What is that fact? I’m not the standard.

In the upcoming parts of this series, I am going to be discussing who are and their habits so you can start to gauge yourself by the greats. If I have ever seen anything it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.

Tune in tomorrow and I’ll give you the second secret of success and we will continue this talk about Massive Value, Success in Business, Integrity in Business

Massive Value, Success in business, integrity in business