About Us

Web Mastery 101 is as much an online services website and training platform as it is a launching pad for rapid development for online entrepreneurs. We give you the LIFT you need to get on top of rankings, and the KNOW-HOW to succeed independently. We’re here to help you get to the end of your online rainbow. Staying afloat in the online competition is one thing, but we’ll make sure you’ll own the whole ocean.

Our hearts go out to every single mother, retiree, senior citizen, high-school or university student, or even just that everyday Joe/Jane that is desperate to make it in an online world that is known for its dog-eat-dog mentality. If you’re SICK-N-TIRED of trying to get by on scraps and can dream of a world much better for yourself and your family, then hats off to you. We want you to strive, and at the same time, much more than that—we want you to THRIVE at the top of Google!

Our ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING guarantees that you WILL NOT make the same mistakes others have made over and over again. You’ll be far away from broken websites and permalinks which make up the online graveyard of broken hearts and dreams. Under our wing, you’ll choose the right niche, the right theme, the right layout, the right design, the right PPC, E-mail and SEO campaign options for your own online business. Why do we do it, you ask? Money, Love and Family. That, and the thrill you share with us when you see your online businesses starting to MAKE MONEY.

Hold on a bit, cowboy. No one told you it’s going to be easy. We’ll tell you right now that there will be times when you’ll doubt that your online business dreams will ever come true. It’s normal. What Web Mastery 101 will teach you is a craft and not just a few cheap parlour tricks. Sometimes, the work you put in will suck. We’re here to be upfront with you and show you where you need to GET BETTER. If you’re willing to put in the effort, time and work, you WILL SUCCEED like the many that we’ve taught and are teaching.

In online entrepreneurship, so-called “gurus” are a dime a dozen nowadays. We don’t swing that way. What we do and teach is TRIED and PROVEN but it, as with any real business, will take time. Anyone can get a page blowing up for a day, but to keep it consistent will take time. How does one do this? We’ll show you by teaching you the RIGHT WAY, the first time, every time.

The internet also known as the World Wide Web is a colossal place, and it’s easy for a website starting off to fall in the humdrum mosaic of the countless MASSES and remain forever lost and unnoticed, unless you’ve purposefully planned to make it stand out. Web Mastery 101 helps you make a KICKASS design that draws attention and at the same time, handles smoothly. You need us like crops need the rain. Why? Because kickass designs win every time, that’s why. Work with Web Mastery 101 now to bring out that hidden kickass within you.

PS. Meanies, grinches, people who think the world owes them a living, and the people playing victim cards suck. Unless you hold yourself responsible for your failings and/or successes, you need not apply here.